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Metal Work

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Governance and Sustainability

This section testifies to the current and future commitments of our company in relation to social and environmental issues, in order to promote our idea of a sustainable future.

This vision, in fact, is an intrinsic part of our corporate culture. A culture that, every day, we build and promote together with all our stakeholders - and in this culture, sustainability is a pivotal element.

Cultural sustainability in political and institutional agendas is a concept linked to economic and socio-environmental issues, which leads us to rethink the cultural heritage of the community as a strategic component, for the present and the future, of the next generations. In this context, culture, environment and social relations become priorities to be nurtured, especially in the scenario of socio-economic uncertainty and geopolitical instability that, in recent years, have had significant repercussions on our society.

In our sustainability journey, culture becomes an engine of change, a constructive leverage capable of implementing sustainable changes. Indeed, it is through it that we are able to pursue our goals and to inspire sustainable, environmentally friendly and people-friendly behaviours: both internally, towards our employees, and externally, towards those we come into contact with on a daily basis.

Ethical code

The Code of Conduct is a useful tool for continually safeguarding the company's integrity, values and personnel. It is a set of positive principles and rules of conduct that Metal Work have decided to adopt voluntarily, and publicise as the concrete expression of the company's intentions towards the people it comes into contact with.


Through the Whistleblowing dashboard you can report violations of laws or regulations, crimes and cases of corruption or fraud, as well as situations of danger to health and public safety relitive to the company.

Sustainability Report

Through this document we wish to share the commitments, instruments and objectives we have set to contribute to the achievement of a more sustainable future

Green philosophy

Metal Work has always paid attention to sustainability and to the reduction of environmental impact. For this reason in our offices and factories we have adopted changes in favour of eco-sustainability. Small gestures that can make the difference.

Art and culture

Metal Work and artistic and cultural patronage have always gone hand in hand.
"We support art and culture, because our values go beyond our work".